Special Thanks

It’s no secret that this conference was put together in record time, under some pretty unprecedented circumstances. As such, it really couldn’t have been done without some very special people who’ve lent their support and enabled our first ever (and most accessible) conference to happen. If we were to thank everybody who’ve lent a hand, given feedback or otherwise provided support to this conference, this list would be miles long. For all those that helped, thank you.

In particular we’d like to thank the PSA team, our discussants and our online exhibitors:

The first is the brilliant team at the PSA. This includes Jamie Roberts, Development Officer, who somehow puts up with the ECN committee. Additional mentions go to the PSAs Executive Committee, who have been nothing but supportive of the ECN!

Second is our twenty-eight discussants, who have taken time out of their own diaries to lend their expertise to give feedback to all the presentations given. These include:

  • Dr Stephen Bates
  • Dr Louise Thompson
  • Dr Chris Fera
  • Dr Zac Greene
  • Prof. Murray Leith
  • Dr Henry Jarrett
  • Dr Andy Mycock
  • Prof.  Claudio Radaelli
  • Dr Dion Curry
  • Mr Lawrence Mckay
  • Dr Vasiliki Tsagkroni
  • Dr Nicholas Dickinson
  • Dr Liam McLoughlin
  • Dr James Dennis

  • Dr Laura Richards-Gray
  • Dr Patrick English
  • Dr James Weinberg
  • Dr Lasse Thomassen
  • Dr Andy Knott
  • Dr Manjeet Ramgotra
  • Dr Ashley Dodsworth
  • Dr Mitya Pearson
  • Dr Nick Kirsop-Taylor
  • Dr James  Wood 
  • Dr Elena Gadjanova 
  • Dr Andrew Wyatt   
  • Dr Arianna Giovannini
  • Dr Stuart Wilks-Heeg

Finally, we’d like to thank our exhibitors for contributing to this conference and providing some serious offers to ECN members! You can view them here