Much like other academic conferences, access to the #BecauseTheInternet virtual conference is not open to the public. Registration is open to PSA ECN members, PSA members, or those who can demonstrate that they are a student or faculty member of a university or similar institution (via a university email, for instance). After you have registered, you will receive a login to the conference shortly before it starts on July 13th.

To register for this event, please fill out the short form below.

Participants who have had their abstracts accepted will be automatically registered to the conference and will receive a login username and link to create their password shortly before the conference.


Due to the current Covid context, and economic pressures this puts early career researchers under, this year we have decided to waive all conference fees. This allows the conference to be open to all who wish to attend.

However, to support the activities of the Early Career Network, we do ask all participants consider joining the Political Studies Association, which would allow us to run more events like this one. Membership for early career researchers (current PhD students and those 3-years post viva) is only £20! As a bonus, you get the full benefits of PSA membership.

AAll PSA members will also be granted a special certificate of participation for this conference, which can be used as evidence of your professional development, and proof of attendance at this conference

You can join by going directly to: